Bagbin hasn’t asked that we wire $50,000 to him in Dubai – Parliamentary Service

    Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has not demanded that $50,000 be sent to him in Dubai where he is seeking medical attention, Ghana’s Parliamentary Service has said.

    The Daily Guide newspapers and some other media outlets had reported that Mr Bagbin made the request to top up some $120,000 that was already given to him for his medical trip.

    Excerpts of the media reports read: “With the latest request, Mr Bagbin would have blown $170,000 on this current trip. Information gleaned from the corridors of Parliament indicates that this is not the first time the Speaker is making such a request for extra money. According to a source, in July last year, when the Speaker made his first official trip to Dubai for his medical care, he went with a spending money of $150,000, after which he demanded an additional $100,000, but Parliament was able to raise $90,000, bringing the total to $240,000”.

    However, a statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Kate Addo, said: “We would like to state categorically that the Rt. Hon. Speaker has not, at any point in time, made direct cash requests from Parliament.”

    “The current Speaker has no authority and has not made any attempt to, in any way, amend or alter what has been in existence before he came into office”.

    “Parliament is fully aware of the dire times we are in as a country and is mindful to avoid any profligate spending,” the statement said.





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