Ban on noise making, drumming before Homowo unnecessary – Pastor


    General overseer of Glory Temple Charismatic Ministry (GTCM), Reverend Sam Korankye Gary has petitioned the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Kofi Dwamesi, to immediately remove the ban on noise making to allow religious institutions function effectively.

    The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has announced a month ban on drumming and noise making.

    The Assembly asked all residents within the metropolis to minimize their noise levels if they embark on any outdoor activities, however, a joint task force team is to ensure there is little or no incident during the ban.

    But according to Reverend Korankye Gary, the ban is affecting religious activities.

    He added that in a country where there is freedom of worship; he does not think any religion should suppress the other.

    He maintained that praises and worship are essentials of Christianity as such it steals the church’s joy and torments its members if they stop playing instruments to glorify God.

    “Praises and worship in the church is limited on the church members. Some of the big churches are doing and no one goes there. The small and young churches are victims the most. They are tormenting the small churches. That’s my opinion. I am not disturbing anybody…” The pastor stressed on Accra-based Class FM.

    “It’s a petition I laid to the government and other authorities. It’s taking dominion of our religious practices. My problem is not about the culture but the ban on drums and noise making. I think there are many things going on with regards to Businesses, even radio and TV. Some business owners get their daily bread through noise. And the churches use the drums and organs to build their kingdom and that’s why I think it’s unnecessary.

    He continued that “They should cancel it so we can serve God and Serve him well. If freedom of worship is true, then no religion should suppress the other.  It steals our joy. I’m not against any religion but I think we should find another way…”