Basra explosion: Several killed as blast rocks Iraqi city

    At least four people have been killed and four others wounded in an explosion that rocked the centre of Iraq’s southern city of Basra, the Iraqi military said.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the military said a motorcycle rigged with explosives was the cause of the blast, which sent a column of black smoke into the sky.

    Iraq’s Security Media Cell, an outlet affiliated with the country’s security forces, said the four people died as a result of the fire in two cars that were near the motorcycle.

    “Forensic experts and specialised technical teams are still present at the scene of the accident to determine its nature and give more details about the nature of the accident,” said Saad Maan, the head of the Security Media Cell, in a statement.

    “The cell will announce in a later statement broader details after completing investigations and technical reports,” he added



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