Be honest to your church members – Prophet Kumchacha To His Colleague Men Of God

    The Founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has advised men of God to stop the false teachings and be honest to their church members.

    He revealed that some men of God give the impression that they are gods and that is why members will get disappointed when they find out the truth.

    Prophet Kumchacha made these revelations on United Showbiz when he sought to explain why church members get disappointed and keep hopping from one church to another.

    Some preachers, he said, are living under false pretenses and thus leading church members astray.

    He added that some pastors do get sick and refuse to visit the hospital simply because they have  declared that the power they possess is so strong that they hardly get sick.

    He urged men of God to be honest about their humanity and let their members know that they are just as human as them.

    “Let your church members know that you are human. You eat and drink. You will fall sick and go to the hospital. Use all these instances as teachings. And let your church members know that you are not God. You are a human being.” he said



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