The National Women’s Organiser of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mrs Janet Nabla, has attacked her National Chairman, Mr Bernard Mornah, for describing the party’s 2016 flag bearer, Dr Edward Mahama, as a “failure”.

She described Bernard Mornah as a poor politician who has never contributed anything to their party.

“Bernard Mornah is not someone I will not place my emphasis on. do you know that he has never remove a penny towards the party?…she quizzes

“It was our leader of the party who paid for all the offices, from one region to the other, ask Bernard Mornah whether he knows how much the party offices cost”

Mr Mornah said Dr Mahama has failed the PNC and, therefore, there was no need to have him lead the party into any elections on Class FM’s flagship show, ‘State Of The Nation with Blessed Sogah as monitored

Mornah said, “Dr Edward Mahama, technically, is a PNC member and he has all the rights that PNC members have, so, he can put himself forward to contest in any election for any position including being the flag bearer going forward; that is his right and I am sure that the Vetting Committee cannot disapprove of it.

“But if it has to be Bernard Mornah supporting his candidature or if it is Edward Mahama alone contesting, he needs to obtain about 66 per cent of votes and that means that we will do a yes or no [vote]. I will campaign for no.

“I think that he has failed us, he has not inspired leadership, he has not brought us to the level that we want him to, and it is obvious that I cannot support his coming back as leader of the party.”

Reacting to the issue on Class News (505) with Valentina Ofori Afriyie, Mrs Nabla said Bernard Mornah is a small boy who is using Edward Mahama’s name to make a name for himself.

“Ask Bernard Mornah, his colleagues (Chairmen) are going around looking for money for people to go to congress, ask him whether he has ever thought of how we will go to congress.

“He knows how to go around insulting people, when it comes to mobilizing fund, he has a zero reputation. He cannot do anything.

Ask him what is he going to do, other political party chairmen are running around crisscrossing to make sure their party would go to congress.

What is Bernard Mornah doing, he’s going around doing useless demonstration and not doing anything for the party”

She added that Mr Mornah joining PNC has been a curse to the Party.

“Bernard Mornah have sworn to destroy PNC. Ever since Bernard Mornah entered PNC, the fortunes of the party have been giggling.

Bernard Mornah is rising and PNC our fortunes are giggling, anytime Bernard Mornah gets a higher position, PNC loses more votes. He is a curse to PNC”

Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo