Better to lose job than my life – Adom FM’s Ohemaa Woyeje fires back


    Host of ‘Work and Happiness’ on Adom FM, Harey Adjoa Yeboa-Asuama better known as Ohemaa Woyeje has shot another salvo indicating that she is prepared to lose her job over her life.

    The broadcaster with the Multimedia Group made a controversial statement about her colleague, Kwadow Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA) which sad event occurred on Saturday November 18, 2017.

    In a post on facebook, she is reported to have said:” “I saw this same woman on Monday with her legs and waist like mine looking all mourning, going up and down just to appear in the cameras and pretending to have lost a loved colleague”.

    “Why didn’t she sleep and pop champagne to celebrate news of his demise?” she quizzed.

    She prayed and said she wished KABA could come back to life to slap all the fake mourners, the backbiters, the haters and the pull him down people who made his stay on earth miserable.

    “How I wish the dead have the power to come back and slap all the fake mourners, the backbiters, the haters, the enemies who come like friends, the devils in angelic outfits, the backstabbers, the pull him downs, the intimidators & suppressors, etc …. judgement unto their heads every time!!! They think we don’t know them. #KABA due ne amanehunu”.

    But following information making the rounds that she could be sanctioned by the Multimedia Group for a banter she is engaged in with Afia Pokuaa otherwise known as Vim lady , she again took to facebook and said:” BETTER TO LOSE YOUR JOB THAN LOSE YOUR LIFE!!! ? #inobore biy3d3 ????.. shouts to @ohemaawoyejeventures