‘Bigger Disgrace Awaits NDC’ – Namoale


    The posturing of the 10 regional chairmen of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have called on former President John Dramani Mahama to jump into the party’s leadership race ahead of the 2020 elections, is a harbinger of “bigger disgrace” in store for the umbrella family, former La-Dadekotopon Member of Parliament (MP), Nii Amasah Namoale has said.

    Nii Namoale, who recently stepped down from his party’s flagbearership race, in a radio interview on Accra based Class FM  Friday morning said he believes there were moves to impose a candidate on the party for the 2020 polls.

    “I saw what happened in Cape Coast and I’ve seen that if we will go into this flagbearership thing with a divided front, those who are trying to impose a candidate on us will succeed,” he explained as being the reason for ceding his supporters to fellow potential aspirant Prof Joshua Alabi.

    As far as the call on Mr Mahama by the regional chairmen to contest the leadership race is concerned, Namoale said: “They have the democratic right to go anywhere that they want to go, they have the democratic right to suggest to the former president to do a ‘thank you’ tour, they have a democratic right to call on him to come and contest 2020, that is their opinion. But as to whether the ‘thank you’ tour is in the Kwesi Botchwey report or not, it is the National Executive Committee or the Functional Executive Committee – the corporate NDC – that will give us a directive as to what to do and what not to do. It is not the 10 regional chairmen who are members of NEC.”

    In his view, the regional chairmen, “should have tabled it at NEC for NEC to tell the former president to go and do a ‘thank you’ tour. But they have come out to say it.

    “So, it is their association, they have the democratic right but let me tell you something, Moro, there is a bigger disgrace waiting for us ahead. There is a bigger disgrace waiting for us. If we are so impatient, we are so bent on taking the horse to the river and forcing the horse to drink water from the river. You cannot force the horse, but there is a way you can force the horse: throw the horse into the river, when it starts drowning it will drink the water.”

    “It’s an association, they have the democratic right to visit whoever they want to, they have the democratic right to do whatever they want to do but I’m telling you that from what I’m seeing and from what I’m reading, there is a bigger disgrace waiting for us,” Namoale stressed.