BOMBSHELL: An NPP MP voted for REJECTION of Budget – Bagbin

    The Speaker of Parliament (MP), Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has claimed that there was a New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) on the floor of Parliament as at the time Parliament voted to reject the 2022 Budget.

    Parliament on Friday voted to reject the 2022 budget.

    All 137 members from the Minority side rejected the motion to approve the budget after the Majority refused to come back to the chambers after staging a walkout.

    The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin gave the Majority members a five-minute break for them to return to the chambers but they didn’t.

    Subsequently, he ruled that the budget had been rejected after a unanimous ‘No’ to the motion.

    Adansi Asokwa MP, KT Hammond has claimed that the Speaker of the House engaged in illegality when he put the question to vote.

    “This budget has not constitutionally rejected this budget and we will visit it on Tuesday…read my lips, we will deal with it on the floor of the house…,” he said.

    But the Speaker who is on a sick leave in Dubai has rebutted the cliam insisting that there were 138 members on the floor of Parliament as at the time he put the question.

    “138 Honourable Members were Present!

    Please let it be known that there were more than 137 MPs on the Floor when I put the question for the approval or rejection of the Economic Policy and Financial Statement of the government for the 2022 financial year often referred to as the Budget for 2022. After the rejection of the request by the Minister of Finance to be given more time to consult the expanded leadership of Parliament, one member of the Majority Caucus came to sit on the last row of the seats on the Majority side by the side-door facing the Speaker’s lobby. That took the number of attendants at that moment to 138. So when the question was put by me to the Plenary, the Hon. Gentleman remained silent.
    I am asking Ghanaians to please disregard the survival antics by the ever loquacious Leader of the Majority Group in today’s hung Parliament. The budget was lawfully rejected!”



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