A manager of China’s Southern Power Grid reportedly broadcast himself having sex with a female colleague in a conference room just few minutes after a conference call, forgetting that he had not hanged up the call.

According to reports, WeChat conversation screencaps showed the manager in a serious sex encounter with the junior colleague on the conference table when the meeting had just been adjourned to resume in some minutes.

Boss broadcasts sex with female colleague in conference call

Neither the said boss nor the female colleague’s identity has been disclosed yet.


Apparently, all employees from five different provinces who participated in the conference had the benefit of watching the boss thrust in and out of the female colleague in some serious sex position on the conference table.

Boss broadcasts sex with female colleague in conference call

Two employees have now been arrested and are facing defamation charges for circulating the sex video.

The employees, man and woman both of whom are 30 years and surnamed Tang and Wang respectively are expected to suffer some other punishments for aiding in the spread of their boss’ scandal.