BREAKING : 3 ARRESTED for attempting to SELL dead body to Fetish Priest

    Three suspects have been arrested by the Volta Regional Police Command for allegedly murdering Albert Anyinado, a 30-year-old man, and attempting to sell his body to a fetish priest.

    Kalefe Korku, 42, Afedo Kpotor, 21, and Ametoke Sitsofe, 27 are the suspects.

    According to the facts, the three suspects notified an Agbozume fetish priest that they had a dead body for sale and required his help finding a buyer.

    The police were informed that they pretended to be interested in the trade and negotiated a price of GHs 7000.00 for the dead body.

    The phony buyer arranged to meet the suspects near the lagoon in Agavedzi to receive the body.

    However, when the suspects saw the police, they abandoned the dead body and sought to flee.

    Following that, the police tracked down and detained all three suspects in their homes in Agavedzi, Agbozume, and Adina.

    The body was taken to the mortuary at Ketu South Municipal Hospital, where it will be autopsied. Suspects are currently being held in jail and are supporting police with their investigations.




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