BREAKING: Citi FM Journalist ARRESTED in Rambo style over #Fixthecountry demo

    A Journalist with Accra-based Citi FM has been arrested by the Police for making comments deemed to be disparaging about the Police.

    Caleb Kudah, according to information available to GhanaNewsPage.Com, was arrested on Tuesday for making a video at the Independent Square when he went there to check on the state of security personnel sent to protect the location.

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    A video in which Caleb Kudah criticized Ghana Police for storming the Independence Square on Sunday, May 9th with armoured vehicles to ensure #FixTheCountry protesters don’t assemble there to protest, has gone viral over the weekend.

    The police officers were at the spot after securing a court order that prohibited the protesters from going on a demonstration.

    Caleb in his video said, “the work of these police officers is sorrowful, these officers most of them their bungalows are unfortunately like hencoops yet the are abandoned housing projects that you can occupy yet they’ve brought you here whilst we are saying Fix The Country“.

    Caleb’s arrest has been confirmed to reporter, Sel The Bomb by a close source, however, the exact reason for the arrest has not been stated.

    According to reports, Caleb has been picked up with colleague Citi FM worker, Zoe Abu Baidoo who reads news on the radio station and has also been vocal about the #FixThe Country protest but Citi FM sports presenter, Fentuo, says she has been released.

    Zoe Abu-Baidoo is back in the office after being questioned. Caleb Kudah is still being questioned at the National security following his arrest earlier,” he tweeted.

    More to follow


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