BREAKING: Ken Agyapong forming new political party to contest NPP in 2024

    Controversial Assin Central Member of Parliament(MP) Kennedy Agyapong has hinted of forming his own political party if current happenings in the New Patriotic Party(NPP) fail to take a new turn.

    He says he will form the party to challenge the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 elections if the party elders sit aloof and allow what is going on to persist.

    He intends to name the political party “Abr)” which in the ghetto will be known as “mafia”.

    He believes that NPP’s current challenges is as a result of the current crop of Executives who have contributed nothing to the party but have enriched themselves with monies given to them to run the party.

    To the Assin Central lawmaker, he will take it upon himself to travel the lenght and breadth of the country to campaign against the current executives of the party because their continuous existence will kill the party.

    “If all the current executives don’t lose I will form a political party. All the current executives including Yaw Boaben Asamoa if they don’t vote them out I will form a Political party. The name of the political party will be abr),” he said.

    Kennedy Agyapong has in some time past indicated that the NPP is a bogus political party with a number of stupid people.

    He could not fathom why he was a member of such a political party.

    Mr. Agyapong described members of the NPP as people with no “common sense” and “fools.” They are “bogus,” he said and expressed regret being a member of the party; insisting that because of their “book long” attitude, “NPP will stay in opposition forever.”



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