Breaking News: This is how Nana Addo, Mahama et al will appear on presidential ballot


    The much awaited balloting for the Presidential election has finally been done at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission (EC) in Accra.

    The balloting was done by the Commission after it finally allowed the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), National Democratic Congress (NDP) and the People’s National Convention (PNC) on the ballot.

    Chairperson of the commission, Charlotte Osei said at a press conference at the commission that the parties adequately corrected the mistakes on their nomination forms.

    The announcement was followed by the balloting.

    The balloting

    The Convention People’s Party (CPP) would be at the first position, it would be followed by the National Democratic Party (NDP) with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) being at the third position.

    The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) will be 4th on the ballot while the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will be 5th on the ballot. The PNC would be number with the Independent Candidate, Jacob Osei-Yeboah (JOY) being the last.

    Below is the full balloting:

    1. CPP
    2. NDP
    3. NDC
    4. PPP
    5. NPP
    6. PNC
    7. Joy