BREAKING: Shatta Wale SHOT; Singer in critical condition

    Personal Assistant to the Ghanaian dancehall act, Nana Dope, claims that his boss has been shot today in Accra by an unknown gunman whilst he was driving.

    According to him, Shatta Wale has since been admitted to an emergency ward.

    “SMH!! THEY COULD DO THIS IN THIS RAIN??? SMFH ‘If not the fact that he was driving prepared, it would have been too bloody!! Fuck this!! My niqqa too strong to give up!! You strong my g, i dont even know what to even say!! The typing make o s difficult” he said.

    Apparently there is video of the shooting and Nana Dope is calling on people not to share it.

    “Please those circulating the video should kindly stop!! i believe the king is gona come out alive and okay!!! keep him in your prayers! they can never bring a good man down!!! shatta wale is stronger than this so lets be otroch for him,” he wrote

    According to him, Ghana Police has intervened.

    “Thanks to all those calling to check up, the king is still at the emergency ward receiving treatment THE GUNMEN ARE STILL ON THE RUN Thanks to Ghana Police,” he wrote on snapchat



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