Building more churches does not mean Africans are lazy – Agyinasare

    Head pastor and founder of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has said that assertions that Africans are lazy because they build more churches rather than set up factories to create jobs are false.

    According to him, setting up a church and running it successfully entails a lot of hard work, reported.

    Charles Agyinasare, also said that the assertion is misplaced because churches in the country offer employment opportunities to Ghanaians.

    “You can’t be a pastor of a big church if you are lazy because how can you keep coming out with sermons that will keep doctors, lawyers, a variety of people.

    “… I haven’t seen any church in West Africa, and I have gone around the world, I have not seen any church in Africa that bought a factory, closed it down and turned it into a church,” Agyinasare is quoted to have said.

    “Every pastor wants to see his people work because when you work, because when your people work, they will tithe because God blesses the work of our hands,” he added.

    He said that Ghana cannot do without the church because they run many vital facilities across the nation, without which the country might collapse.

    Agyinasare said that the church, through its facilities, particularly schools, has trained most of the leaders of the country.

    “The church has more schools in Ghana than probably the government. In fact, from some of the statistics I have, there are over 3,000 basic schools owned by churches, 53 Senior High Schools, 31 Colleges of Education, and eight Church established universities,” he said.

    “There are 183 health facilities and health training institutions owned by 21 different church denominations,” he added.



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