Builsas pledge to help DCEs to accelerate Buluk development


    The Builsa Traditional leaders, politicians and all stakeholders enthusiastically participated in making sure President Akufo Addo’s District Chief Executives (DCEs) nominees for both Builsa South and North were confirmed without any hitch to assume office and hit the ground running for the forward march of the development of Buluk.

    Stakeholders were of the view that rapid development in the Builsa Traditional Area warrant pro-active leaders who would focus on the development of the area and not just members of political parties.

    They maintained that the smooth confirmation of the DCEs give credence to the fact that the people of Buluk are yearning for the acceleration of infrastructural and human resource development, and was ready throw their weight behind which ever party that has the development of the area at heart.

    Both DCEs from Builsa South and North, Hon. Daniel Kwame Gariba and Hon. David Amoabil Afoko were on Friday, May, 12, 2017 overwhelmingly endorsed by the respective Assembly Members to assume office for the smooth implementation of the President’s policies and programs for the area.

    The Regional Minister, Hon. Rockson Ayine Bukari, who supervised the confirmation process, appealed to the newly confirmed DCEs to work hard in order to place their respective districts above the poverty level, noting that it was worrisome for the sons and daughters of the region to hear that the area is among the poorest in the country.

    He said the trend could be reversed if appointees of President Akufo Addo hit the ground running for the rapid implementation of his laudable tailored policies such as , ‘One district One factory, One village one dam, one constituency one million dollars’.

    He admitted that these laudable policies could be wishful, if appointees failed to support the President to realize his dream of having a better Ghana for all.

    In his acceptance speech, the Builsa South District Chief Executive, Hon. Daniel Kwame Gariba, thanked God, and particularly, the President of the Republic, for finding favor in him and nominating him to represent him in the district.

    He pledged to emulate his (Akufo Addo) patriotism and zeal in serving his people diligently and to the admiration of all.

    “I’m forever indebted to him (the President) and I should say am very grateful; I pledge to execute his agenda of making sure that we bring development to the doorsteps of the people,” he said.

    “I wish to also thank our Honorable Members for the honor done me; I must say am overwhelmed by the support given me. It is something I least expected, I had expectations of how much you will endorse me but I should tell you this is more than I expected. I thank you all,” he said.

    Hon. Gariba pledged to be “DCE for all”, and that though he was appointed by a political leader, he was not appointed to serve party members; adding “ development is what all Builsas are seeking; l and promise to work closely with all the Assembly Members, Chiefs, Queen mothers and the MP for the area, Hon. Dr. Clement A. Apaak.

    He pointed out that his administration would ensure that whatever development government intended to bring to the people of the Builsa South would be what they rightly need and that he would always consult the Assembly Members to make sure what is brought to the people is exactly what they need.

    On his part, the Builsa North DCE, Hon. David Amoabil Afoko commended the Assembly Members saying “your disapproval could not have earned me this high office to serve my people and the good people of Ghana, this in my view is an eloquent demonstration of your unyielding desire to broaden the frontiers of participatory democracy and local governance in our beloved district.”

    He also expressed his profound gratitude to His Excellency the President, Nana Akufo Addo and the Assembly Members for the confidence posed in him, and promise to justify the confidence the President and the Assembly Members had posed in him by providing the district dedicated and visionary leadership.

    The Builsa North District, he stated is confronted with numerous developmental challenges in the areas of education, energy, health, infrastructural, water and sanitation among others and all stakeholders are require to channel efforts to addressing this challenges.

    “As the District Chief Executive, I hope to play the lead role in mobilizing resources both human and material for the total development of our district. I will therefore be launching on the experience and the expertise of honorable Assembly Members both new and old, traditional rulers, Civil Society Organization (CSOs) as well as former DCEs in my quest to bring to fruition my vision of providing the needed infrastructure for the development of our district,” he noted.

    His vision, he said would be anchored on promoting quality education, rapid infrastructure development, quality health care, agriculture, water and sanitation, and therefor require the commitment and cooperation of all Assembly members in order to lay a firm foundation for the realization of his vision.

    He assured that during his tenure in office he would work hard to add on to the improvement already made in the education, health, water and sanitation as well as good governance. It is when significant progress is made in these areas that we can guarantee a district characterized by development, peace and stability as well as freedom.

    “I hope to make our district’s sub-structures work in order to open up more spaces for the citizenry to be involved in local government. I shall therefore welcome any idea and criticisms that will aim at moving the district towards the right direction,” he pointed out.

    “Transparency, openness and accountability as we all know are the hallmark of every successful administration. To this end, I want to pledge that I will run an efficient, transparent, and accountable and open door administration devoid of negative attitude that will undermine development,” he stated.

    According to him, he intends to implement innovative revenue strategy to generate more to complement the effort of the central government and re-activate the Assembly revenue task force and cloth it with sufficient powers to enable it collaborate with the finance department and the F & A sub-committee as well as other relevant agencies for effective and efficient internally generated funds.

    Hon David Afoko also decried open defecation in the area, and assured citizens that the Assembly, under his watch, would redouble its efforts in the fight against open defecation and called for a greater support from all stakeholders.