A Ghanaian based in the United States of America was shocked to the marrow when he witnessed another man bonking a lady he was set to marry in eight days time.

The unnamed burger according to a narrative by renowned broadcaster, Kofi Asare Brako, arrived from the States this Easter to marry the lady he had been dating for five years.

The narrative continues that the wedding which the man had been sending money down for was scheduled to take place on 27th April, 2019.

Prior to this, the lady had pressured the man to come down and marry her because they’ve dated for too long.

And when the man finally touched down from USA on Good Friday, the would-be couple decided to drive straight to Kwahu and spend the Easter there.

As tired as the man was, he tried his best to satisfy his long time girlfriend on the night.

A call from another friend the following morning forced the man to move to Mpraeso for a short meeting.

And when the man returned after less than an hour, he found to his amazement, that his room remained open.

Another male friend had called in to check whether the Burger’s would-be bride was at Kwahu.

This new friend of the would-be bride of a burger, Kofi Asare Brako’s narrative continued, was lying in between the legs of the lady.

The two had forgotten to lock the door and right in front of the burger laid naked male and female adults with the former busily thrusting the latter.

This new guy was the local boyfriend of the lady.

Kofi Asare Brako continues the story in the write up below:

“Efie abayifuo, sɛ asa!

You’ve pestered this guy saaaaa to marry you by the end of this month April because you had dated for long, 5 years!.

Beginning this year January till only last week, he sends you money to buy everything needed for the engagement and the subsequent wedding. Marriage planned to come on this Saturday, April 27.

He arrives in Ghana on Good Friday. You force him to go to Kwahu with you to enjoy yourselves.

You arrive at Kwahu later that night. Man was too tired but he still did his best to satisfy you.

Early morning he wakes up to a call from a long lost friend who heard he’s in town. He tells you he’s meeting the friend at Mpraeso and only to come back after only an hour to catch you with your boyfriend who had also called to check whether you’re at Kwahu.

For no apparent reason, they forgot to lock the room too.

Edeɛn asɛm koraa ni?

Now some questions to ask:

1. Did the lady do so much to prove to the guy before he agreed to marry her?

2. What at all might have pushed the girl to do that knowing she had only 7 days to get married?

3. What at all did the boyfriend tell the girl before agreeing for him to do it quick?

4. Should the guy forgive her nad keep it to himself and go ahead to marry her because they’ve dated for long?

5. Will the guy ever trust her if they get married?

6. Should the guy cancel the marriage and leave the things for the girl for him go and begin life afresh in the States?

7. What at all will the girl tell him for him to forgive her?

8. What do men usually want around this time when you know your ‘girlfriend’ is getting married in just a week?

9. Was it necessary for the girl to have accepted to meet the troublesome ‘boyfriend’?

And finally,

10. Can this ever be a great lesson to our dear sisters out there to stay away from amorous relationships with other especially when it is cleary you’re getting married in minimum three months time?

Kwahu oooooooo Kwahu, for the good and the bad.”

Source: GhanaNewsPage.com


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