Burna Boy banned from performing in US and Canada?


    Nigerian musical star Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly called Burna Boy, has been reported banned from performing at events in the United State.

    The report, according to sources, said that Burna Boy was banned from performing at any event, venue or any form of recording anywhere in USA & Canada by US Supreme Federal Court in New York unless he settles with the New York-based promotion company Vibesland Entertainment, LLC founded by Promoter/Producer Niyi Fatogun.

    Burna Boy was sued by Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, on allegations that he signed a contract for 2016 USA & Canada Tour, failed to turn up, postponed the tour which put the promoter Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, in serious debt in the United States.

    Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, was said to have invested up to $25,000 in preparation and facilitating the tour.

    The issue started after the promoter, Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, obtained USA Work Permit approval visa for Burna Boy, then Burna Boy failed to honour the contractual agreement.

    The promoter, Niyi Fatogun, hired professional entertainment lawyer, Takena Barango to represent Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, on Wednesday May17, 2017, at the Supreme Court in New York.

    The judge ordered a court injunction on Burna Boy outside US Tour, until Burna Boy Ltd settles the promoter for the financial loss Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, suffered due to breach of trust.

    Burna Boy’s management claims were that the promoter didn’t pay the deposit as stated in the contract between VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC & BURNA BOY LTD.

    Promoter who’s the official tour agent for the 2016 Burna Boy USA & Canada Tour travelled to London, United Kingdom with a cheque of $75,000.00 to meet Burna Boy’s management for deposit of 10 cities.

    The promoter said when he got to London, Burna Boy’s management brought up discussion of a third-party company (AEG) which wasn’t part of the initial contract signed on June 29, 2016. VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC believed it was very risky to pay $75,000 deposit to Burna Boy’s management that’s already declared they signed a contract with a third party for the same USA tour.

    At that point, the promoter refused to release the payment (cheque) until everything is straightforward to avoid losing $75,000.

    As at the time of this press release, the promoter stated, “Why would I give a cheque deposit for 10 cities worth $75,000 to BURNA BOY LTD when I was told that a third-party company (AEG) already took five (5) major cities out of 10 cities agreed in the contract.”