C/R: Armed robbers shoot man & bolt with stolen cash

    A man believed to be in his 60s has been shot in the leg by four men on two motorbikes at Coronation Junction in Cape coast, the Central Region.

    Believed to be armed robbers, the four men – two on each motorbike – are said to have trailed the man from a bank to a hardware shop, where he was going to purchase some building materials.

    Eyewitnesses narrated that the motorbike riders did not show any signs of committing the heinous crime as two of them alighted to follow the victim into the hardware shop.

    He had parked his car just in front of the shop.

    The alleged robbers then fired gunshots and bolted with an unspecified amount of money.

    Police have since been to the scene while the victim is said to have been rushed to the Ewim Polyclinic in Cape coast.

    The Central Regional Police Command of the Ghana Police Service says investigations have immediately begun into the incident.



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