‘Calling me incompetent is disrespectful, offensive’ – Minister tells journalist


    An audio recording circulating on social media has a voice believed to be that of the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto lashing out at a journalist for questioning his competence at his post.

    In the audio tape, the journalist is heard seeking to get the Agric. Minister’s impressions on a statement made by Hilda Addo, former MP for Kwadaso but was interjected and heavily criticized for his choice of the word ‘incompetent’

    The former MP for Kwadaso has alleged that Dr. Afriyie Akoto is incompetent, a situation she claimed the residents of the constituency had reached out to her about.

    “That’s very disrespectful… the word incompetence, and I don’t want you to use that word on me. If she’s crazy to use those words I don’t want you to repeat it on me, you know that is very offensive, the minister is heard retorting.

    “I don’t want you to talk to me in these times… Do you know who I am, do you know what I have created in this life of mine for a journalist like you to tell me that I am incompetent. If you’re repeating somebody’s words it’s your words as well. You shouldn’t be that insubordinate, he added.

    Dr. Afriyie Akoto continued to ‘dress down’ the journalist stating that “I don’t know how old you are but my son will be older than you, you understand, even the owner of your station does not come anywhere near my standard in terms of life achievement so you have to learn to be respectful, don’t use those words on me”

    Many people are of the view that the audio recording is a stunt by some NDC party sympathisers who wish to see former President John Mahama back at the helm of affairs to lead the party in the 2020 elections.