Case of Delta Force 13 adjourned to June 15


    The case of the 13 pro-NPP macho men charged with assaulting Ashanti Regional Security Liaison Officer George Adjei last March has been adjourned.

    They appeared in court Thursday, but prosecutors said the Attorney-General had taken the docket for examination.

    The case was, therefore, adjourned to June 15, 2017.

    The Kumasi Circuit court is hearing the case against the NPP para-security group Delta Force after they absconded in broad daylight in a shocking show of bravado.

    They were re-arrested, slapped with GHc2,400 fine each or in default spend three years in prison for their illegal audacity.

    The suspects who were on remand before the escape were also made to sign a bond to be of good behaviour for six months. One more act of lawlessness within the period would attract a two years’ jail term.

    Now the substantive case continues under the heavy cloud of their preceding lawlessness and under heightened public interest in the case which sees the governing party try its own grassroots supporters.

    Photo: Security was beefed up since the last escape at the Kumasi Circuit court

    The party branded as rule of law enthusiasts finds itself in a political fix of using state power to crush its own political forces.

    In a testament to this uneasy-lies-the-head-that-wears-the-crown scenario, another case against eight other NPP Delta Force members was dropped last Wednesday after the state prosecutors said they had no evidence.

    The eight party macho men were part of some 50 others who stormed the Kumasi Circuit court to release their 13 colleagues.

    With no desire to conceal their identities the bare-faced men in full public view charged at the court. There are video footages of the ‘let-my-people-go raid

    The Kumasi Circuit Court

    But a senior state attorney says there is no evidence to link them to the crime of disturbing a court session, for resisting arrest and freeing the 13 persons who were in lawful custody.

    The no-evidence excuse has triggered a national shock and raised suspicions the party proud of its respect for the rule of law is condoning lawlessness.

    The government in its defence has said it was not consulted by the state attorneys in Kumasi when they decided to discontinue the case.

    The Attorney-General Gloria Akuffo has consequently ordered investigations into the circumstances under which the Senior State Attorney got the suspects discharged for lack of evidence.