Castro is alive


    Just when pessimistic Ghanaians have gotten fed up with the many hopeless stories surrounding the whereabouts of Castro and are eventually coming to terms with his disappearance, one budding artiste known as Ashes Danqoa, has made some new revelations worth looking into.

    On his latest single I Saw Castro which featured Donzy and Boggy Wenzday, Ashes rapped about his encounter with the Adonai hit maker on the reason behind his disappearance. The latter part of the I Saw Castro song which was produced by Cabum however disclaimed that, the song is based on fiction but most of it are real. Flex Newspaper therefore called on Ashes to explain the song further.

    According to Danqoa, he was with a friend at an undisclosed location a year ago when a corolla car with tinted windscreens stuck in traffic caught his attention.

    He was shocked to the bone when the glasses were rolled down for reasons he had no idea of.

    “There were three guys in the car. I was dumbfounded when I saw Castro in a green shirt at the backseat of the car. I contemplated as to whether or not it was him for some seconds and then I confirmed to myself it was him. Before I could tell my friend to look at him, the green light came on and the corolla sped off. My friend then asked me to forget it, because he might just be Castro’s look alike,” Ashes Danqoa narrated.

    “This incident started hunting me in a way. A month later I dreamt about Castro and he narrated in detail all that occurred when he and Janet Bandu went jet skiing at Ada. I believe music travels so I told my friend and mom I wanted to record a song based on my dreams maybe Castro might hear it and return to us, but they discouraged me saying it could get me entangled in a whole lot of issues. 2weeks later, I had the exact dream again. If it were you what will you do?” the rapper queried.

    Danqoa went on to disclose that, he waited a year before coming public with this delicate issue due to advise given to him by his close relations to stay off such a case. He said he could not report to the police he saw Castro, because he only saw a face and not a full figure. Over the weekend however, he finally decided to let the cat out of the bag, because something keeps pushing him to do a song with his consecutive dreams.

    His dreams, he intimated, usually do come to pass. On normal days, he forgets his dreams till he sees something which is connected to them. Ashes said Castro’s dream was different and that, he remembered it vividly as soon as he woke up.

    “Frankly speaking, this is no publicity stunt. I am a concept rapper who only raps about pertinent issues. I’m currently busy with my studies at GIMPA and so I got no time for any cheap gimmicks. I’m not a close friend of Castro, but I know his face very well and I know what I saw. I used to see him when we go for shows during my school days at Takoradi Poly. I’d understand if people think I’m trying to seek attention, because the friend I was walking with that very day does not even believe I really saw Castro,” Danqoa intimated.

    He continued, “Interviews are trooping in, but I won’t even promote this song. The main motive behind I Saw Castro is to assure Ghanaians that Castro is alive. Treat my dream as fiction, but the reality on the ground is that I really did see Castro. I haven’t had any talks with his family on the matter because I don’t know them. I hope they hear this song and keep faith alive.”