Celebs posing with the latest iPhone are an embarrassment, owning an iPhone is not an achievement – Efia Odo

    Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo does not think celebrities owning and flexing with the latest iPhone 13 should garner the kind of attention social media has given to it.

    According to the actress, owning an iPhone is not an accomplishment or an achievement that needs to be celebrated like graduation from Harvard or coming out of chemo successfully.

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    Efia Odo stated in a Twitter post that it baffles her the kind of premium people put on owning the latest iPhone which has been fueled by the flaunting of same by Ghananain celebrities creating unnecessary competition, pressure and enmity.

    She wrote: “Why is acquiring the latest iPhone such an accomplishment to many Ghanaians? This really baffles me and I need answers cuz it’s quite embarrassing especially seeing “celebrities” posing with their new iPhone.”



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