In an interview with Adom News, Kwaku Tawiah indicated that his 16-year-old nephew died after battling a long illness.

He explained that after his death, he informed one of the sub-chiefs and was later granted permission by the Paramount Chief through a phone call to bury his nephew since he was not up to 18 years.

But the chief, Odeifo Asankwa III took offense and subjected him to massive beatings.

Kwaku Tawiah said the chief and his linquist dd not give him the opportunity to explain as it attracted slaps.

Meanwhile, Chief Odeifo Asankwa III in a quick rebuttal said Kwaku Tawiah’s action goes against the laws of the land which could bring curses to the land.

He also denied being informed of any said funeral after he had return from a Festival at Enyan Abaasa.

“Someone died and he used his own will to bury the person. And the funeral committee have seen the forbidden act. I don’t know about it. He claimed I gave him permission but that is false. It’s a forbidden act. We tell the village folks that they can’t use their will to do things in the village. When he was asked he claimed he called me but I don’t know anything about the issue…” he maintained.

Odeifo Asankwa III added that Kwaku Tawiah also lied that the Chief had introduced some fetish priest from India and Burkina Faso to curb spiritual problems of the residents which amounts to other reasons for his action.