Consumers to protest ban on cement importation


    The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), says it will not hesitate to boycott the products of any company that seeks to stop government from issuing permits for the importation of cement into the country.

    According to the agency, the permission to allow the importation of at least 25,000 tonnes of cement, will help stabilize the supply of the product on the market.

    The group also contends the development will in the long term cause the prices of rents for both commercial and residential properties, to fall.

    “The CPA will not hesitate to engage the numerous members of the general public to boycott any company that seeks to stop government from issuing permit for the importation of cement into the country,” The Head of Programs and Research at the CPA, Nana Prempeh Aduahene said.

    The CPA also believes the move will allow for healthy competition among cement manufacturers.

    “If Ghana cement and its partners of the local manufacturers have any issue about the cost of production or their cost of production in Ghana, we strongly believe that they should address them to government and allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of this import.”

    The comments of the consumers’ interest group come on the back of recent agitations by local cement manufacturers that their companies risk closure if government does not move in to stop the unbridled importation of cement into Ghana.

    The Trade and Industry Minister, Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah has since defended its decision.

    His basis is that the regulation on imports does not necessarily ban the importation but rather limits the level that can be imported into the country.