Coronavirus Outbreak: Ghana Health service / Ministry of Health launches Emergency Hotlines to the public

    The Ghana Health Service has launched it’s emergency Hotlines in Accra in relations to the Coronavirus or Convid19 which has claimed over 1000 lives in China with Africa recording the virus in Egypt.

    The Emergency Hotlines are:

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    Dr DaCosta Aboagye, Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service reiterated the need to have these emergency Hotlines available to the Ghanaian public to report on some suspecting cases.

    The event was launched at the Greater Regional Hospital (Ridge Hospital) Teleconsultation Centre.

    The Ridge Hospital and that of the Tema General hospital have been selected by the Ministry of Health to deal with the Coronavirus cases.

    Dr Da Costa Aboagye explained that the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health is working in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, West African Health Organisation, US Centres for Disease Control and other Development Partners, discussing and reviewing our strategies day by day.

    So far, all advice through consultations and engagements is not encouraging us to undertake mass evacuation of Ghanaian citizens in China including the students as yet.

    The Sub Regional consultation – the West African Health Organisation is engaging member states and has not recommended evacuation yet, he stated.

    Dr Aboagye said we are reviewing the situation by the hour and when it becomes necessary, we will tow the next line of action as appropriate, including evacuation as the minister of health has already assured.

    The Government of Ghana is much concerned about our citizens in China especially the Ghanaian students, and is working to ensure their protection, safety and well-being as we continue to supply basic needs.

    We want to assure the public that, as per the management of all outbreaks which is a dynamic activity, we will continue to monitor the situation and act as appropriate . We will further wish to advise Ghanaians to delay non-essential travels to China.


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