Corruption is affecting the country not homosexuality – FOKN Bois


    Controversial Music duo, FOKN Bois made up of M3nsa and Wanlov the Kuborlor has said people should focus on things that is affecting like corruption and not homosexuality.

    According to them, Ghanaians are having bigger problems facing us which should be addressed and not somebody having consensual sex with another.

    Speaking on ‘After Hours’ Television Show hosted by Mikki Osei Berko, Wanlov the Kuborlor argued that stealing, corruption, bad roads, poor education, low salary for doctors are among the worse things that affect our lives directly.

    “Because we have come to a point that we feel powerless about changing these things, about correcting those people in power and having them answer about the bad things they are doing, we take it out on one group of people which have been deemed illegal” he stated.

    He added that there are bigger problems facing the country but people have diverted their angry and frustration on a smaller group of people.

    M3nsa on his part said the president’s Aljazeera interview on homosexuality was a safe political statement every political leader of Ghana could make but the reality on the ground is true.

    “I believe in equal human right and I don’t care too much about somebody’s sexuality which does not fact my wellbeing or that of my family” he said.

    “How is somebody’s gay life affecting me, my children or my community?” he quizzed.

    The musician believes it is somebody’s private life and he doesn’t go about asking about asking whom somebody had sex with.

    “If a gay person is a prolific doctor that does not take away from his humanity” he added.

    The musician believes that everybody should be giving their privacy in terms of their sexual preference.

    “If we are going to be critical then we have to criticize all the young people being abuse sexually by heterosexual men. All the rape and abuse that is happening in our schools, hospitals and churches” he stressed.