Covering faces of suspects will complicate investigation – Security analyst

    Security analyst, Adib Saani, has reacted to the decision by the Ghana Police Service to protect the faces of suspects.

    Mr Saani remarked that most of the information needed by the Police during investigation is mostly from the general population, and covering the faces of suspects will complicate the investigation.

    He again revealed that before a culprit will intend to commit a crime, the person rationalises whether he would be caught or not. This, he believes, will pose more threat to the security system in the country.

    According to Mr Saani, people will continue to commit crime in the country believing their faces would be covered and their identities hidden from the masses.

    “The first thing taken into consideration is the interest of the state whilst making sure that the sanctity of the state is maintained,” he said in an interview on Adom News.

    He reminded that there is no morality when it comes to ensuring the security of the state as it has been revealed by legal practitioners that most of the cases brought before the court are based on circumstantial evidence.

    “You were there when the crime was perpetrated or you were caught in the act; then you are guilty of the offence,’’ he explained why some identities should be made public.

    In response to the issue of privacy, Mr Saani asserted that when the faces of the suspects are published after court proceedings, the Police should use the same procedure by issuing a statement of the vindication of the suspects.

    Mr Saani concluded that the country will be destroyed if judgment from court is awaited before the publication of suspects.

    The Ghana Police Service on 6th December resolved to no longer show or display faces of suspects until final judgment.

    In a statement, the police service said the decision is to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in all policing endeavours.



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