A local Chief Imam has received painful horsewhip lashes after he defied government order by leading a congregational prayer known as Asham in Islam.

The Imam received the public flogging for defying social distancing order to hold prayers with about 10 people exposing himself and them to Covid-19.

Many countries have been struggling with the religious defiance to the ban on public gatherings leading to crackdowns that have been fatal.

The Imam incident which took place in Bauchi Nigeria has attracted commendation. This comes after Zimbabwean police beat up an entire Church congregation for same reasons.

Nigeria’s President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.) has placed a ban on religious gathering to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

A video posted on Instagram by one @TundeEdnut shows the Imam being flogged by one of the palace guards of the Emir of Azure, Bauchi State.
“The emir of Azare, Bauchi state, directed his Dogaris (palace guards) to mete out instant punishment to any Imam who held mosque prayers with more than 10 people and did not maintain any social distancing.
“One Imam thought he was above the law and held prayers in a jam-packed mosque, but someone reported him to the Dogaris and he was caught and flogged on his yansh,” Tunde Ednut’s caption read.
Source: Mynewsgh


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