Dad turns three biological daughters into sexual partners


    A 43-year-old farmer has been fined a sum of GHC3000 and some items including a full-grown sheep, one crate of soft drinks, one bottle of club beer and a bottle of exotic Schnapps by the chief of Bogoso in the Prestea-Huni Valley District in Western Region, for having sexual intercourse with his three biological daughters.

    Kwasi Aborle, who admitted having had sexual intercourse with his own daughters remorsefully told the chiefs and his elders, “ I don’t know what came over me”. He pleaded guilty to the charges of defilement and incest at the Chief’s Palace as the chief, Nana Kwasi Somere II, who presided over the case pronounced the fines accordingly.

    The three daughters whose names have been withheld due to security reasons are aged between 13 and 19 years.

    According to an eye witness, the youngest of the three sisters who is 13 years old and has suffered months of sexual adventures from her beloved father, was haunted by the abominable act and reported the appalling deeds to her close friend who also informed the chief of the area about the matter.

    Kwasi Aborle, who was found guilty of committing incest after it was discovered that he had been sexually exploiting his innocent daughters for close to three years has been ordered to pay the fine and also to provide a the listed items including a bottle of exotic Schnapps to be used for purification rites to avert any punishment that might befall the town due to his actions.

    Speaking to Otec News’ reporter Jacob Agyenim Boateng, the chief Linguist for Bogoso , Nana kwaku Ampoma explained that, Kwasi Aborle was reprimanded by the local chief in the area for same offenses last year, hence he deserves severe punishment to serve as deterrents to other recalcitrant citizens who may emulate same.

    According the reports, the case has not been reported to the police or DOVSU yet.