Daddy Lumba unhappy with Bukom Banku over bleaching comment


    Ghanaian Boxer, Bukom Banku has disclosed that he bleached his thick-dark skin by taking inspiration from Daddy Lumba and Michael Jackson (late).

    The boxer, prior to the 2016 elections started bleaching; something he then said was influenced by his wife. “Yes, I’m bleaching my skin. I hate my black skin. Bleaching has made my skin flesh. My bleaching wife advised me to bleach” he disclosed.

    Bukom Banku ended by subjecting himself to public odium – but staging a bold face, he came out to defend his act and promised to continue bleaching till thy kingdom come.

    But like the proverbial dog, the popular boxer was forced to lick back his own puke – he later issued an apology to all and sundry and even promised to wage a campaign against skin bleaching.

    In an exclusive interview with Accra-based Starr FM on Wednesday, 25th October, 2017, the boxer shared with the whole world, where he actually took his bleaching inspiration from.

    According to Bukom Banku, he took to bleaching with inspiration from Ghana’s great highlife artiste, Daddy Lumba and the King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson of blessed memory – two music legends believed to have bleached their skin.

    Bukom indicated that while he was bleaching, he was addressed as Banku Fresh; an accolade that got his head swollen all the time. Manager of Daddy Lumba, Roman Fada, who was monitoring the interview, sent a message to the host, Bola Ray.

    “Daddy Lumba is actually listening to the show. He was enjoying the interview until Bankum brought in the bleaching part” manager of Daddy Lumba sent and was read by the host.

    Maybe, Michael Jackson is also angry at Bukom Banku for passing such comments – just maybe.