Daily Motivation: Admitting your pain doesn’t make you weak


    I was talking to a friend about the denial stage of a person who has been through alot of mishaps. We looked at the steps to recovery and he was interested in the next step after getting the poison out. Now we have established that living in denial doesn’t always solve the problem. It could be a poison eating into your body system.

    Why do you need to admit your pain? Pain hurts and kills and the best way to treat it is to accept first of all that you are in pain and you need help. Admitting your frustration, depression and your anger at someone is a great step to recovery.

    Now, there are two ways to look at your situation. It’s either you see it as your temporary state or your fate. Having said that, when you admit that what you are going through is a state, then you know it’s not going to last long. But if you accept it as your fate, then that becomes your destiny. Thereby confining you and limiting you in your condition.

    At this stage, it makes it hard to take your next action or decision because you’re accepting whatever that is happening to you as your fate.

    Admitting is the only way you can get help. You need to tell your doctor about the nature of your pain – where you feel it and the intensity – so he/she is able to thoroughly assess you and give you the care you need. Until you have expressly detailed your condition to a doctor, he can’t administer service to you. If your condition is fully assessed and they know the severity of the issue, then they can design a treatment plan for you.

    I’ll be the first to admit all of this may not happen overnight, but it won’t happen at all if you don’t tell the doctor. Admitting the pain doesn’t make you weak. It is a strong suit. Even Jesus admitted His pain and told God about the cup of suffering. He didn’t deny the pain He was going through. Rf Luke 22:42

    ©Smart Takyi Nixon