Date Rush: ‘I am not old, Ruth of Date Rush breaks silence on Sammy’s humiliation (VIDEO)

    Ruth has finally opened up about her humiliating encounter on Date Rush after she was described as old-looking by one of the male contestants, Sammy.

    Out of 10 contestants, the 22-year-old nurse remained the only lady out of 10 others to keep her lights on for Sammy after the 3rd round of profile screening. This meant she was interested in going on a date with him.

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    However, the feeling was not mutual for 23-year-old Sammy as he sadly rebuffed Ruth. He explained that Ruth looked older than him and could be confused for his mother if they ever get the chance to go out.

    Ruth described the atmosphere on the night as the most embarrassing moment of her life. In fact, it was the worst day of her life.

    She explained that she turned her lights on for Sammy not because she fell in love with him but she had developed a likeness for him ever since his heartbreak story went viral.

    Ruth stated that she wanted to give Sammy another chance at love but it backfired for obvious reasons.



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