David Ackah writes: No party cards, database and timetable for internal elections

    With the famous statement by Benjamin Franklin that “When you fail to plan you plan to fail in mind”. One must note that success doesn’t come by accident

    It is obvious that the NPP party has not learned from its abysmal performance in the 2020 elections. Prior to the 2020 elections, the party had no plan to generate party identity cards for its members and had no plan to protect its parliamentary majority status. Undoubtedly, on account of how the party’s parliamentary primaries were conducted, it was obvious the party had set itself up for failure in the 2020 general elections.

    Given the stellar performance of the Akufo-Addo administration in the first term, the ruling NPP should not have lost as many as 32 parliamentary seats. Undeniably, the party failed.

    Sadly, today’s NPP has no party identity cards for its members and can neither point to a comprehensive database of its members. Even secondary schools have identity cards for students. Till date, the party has no timetable for internal elections.

    Inspired by the saying that coming events cast their shadows and the likelihood of 2020 events repeating themselves, I want to ask the General Secretary of our party, Mr John Boadu ADWENKƐSEƐ, please Sir, where are the Party Cards you promised? How can members even support the party financially if there is no comprehensive data of members? Respectfully Sir, when will the party commence its internal elections?

    Respectfully Sir, we all love you but we love our party more. We just can’t sit aloof and watch our dear party mismanaged into opposition because of your failure to do the right things.

    We are just asking questions and still have more questions to ask………..

    Indeed, we are in the era of Adwenkɛseɛ



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