The District Chief Executive of the newly created Akyem Achiase District, Mr. Richmond Amponsah, has taken the initiative to lead revenue mobilization drive in his district.
The DCE has since been visiting market centers and other sources where revenue could be generated in the area with the District’s Revenue mobilization unit to collect tolls, levies and property rates.

The novel idea according to the DCE is to get the people in the district to understand the need to pay their taxes and to also ginger his staff to work diligently in raising revenue for the district.

Speaking to the Evening Mail, Mr. Amponsah stated that he is in a haste to develop the district but cannot only rely on the central government’s statutory funds. He stated that, as a new district, their only means of surviving will depend on the internally generated fund they raise in the district since other statutory funds are already overburdened with developmental challenges.

He said, whiles on the field collecting the tolls and rates, he uses the opportunity to educate the people on the need to pay their taxes for the development of the district.

He pleaded with the people in the District to understand the need to pay their various tolls and rates to develop the district.

Source: The Evening Mail