Denkyira Obuasi Chief attacks Rev Korankye Ankrah


    The Chief of Denkyira-Obuasi, Nana Adjei Nkyire II, has hit back at Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, after the famed preacher revealed a curse against the town.

    Korankye Ankrah had revealed that a curse had been placed on the town for their killing of Major Mahama and that consequently, no leader would emerge from the land.

    He also said none of the youth of the town would make it past 33 years, unless the town held a three day fasting event and consulted a powerful man of God to lead them through prayers.

    However, Nana Adjei Nkyire II has taken exception to the prophecy. According to him, a man of God of Korankye Ankrah’s stature should not be making such proclamations.

    According to the chief, some men of God had come to the town after the tragedy to lay their hands on it. So does Ankrah’s comments invalidate the work of those pastors, he wondered.

    Elders in the town have also appeased the gods of the town and cleansed the land of any foul spirit.

    Denkyira-Boase became the most famous town in the country last May, when some of its resident mercilessly killed a soldier, Capt Maxwell Mahama, allegedly after having mistaken him for an armed robber.

    Source: Ghanacelebrities