Diana Asamoah’s ‘save-the-date’ photo with Dada KD stirs controversy

    Evangelist Diana Asamoah is in the news again! It appears the gospel musician enjoys being in the news and would do anything to be talked about.

    After recently coming out to say she intentionally did a video with her brother to get people talking, she has posted another photo that has already generated conversations.

    A few months ago, Diana posted a video that had a young gentleman rubbing his hand in her hair. Some had suggested that could be Diana’s boyfriend.

    On her Facebook timeline, she posted a photo she took with highlife musician Dada KD and decided to caption it “save the date.

    Even though she did not write the date, some people already think it could be real marriage information.

    For those who have followed her usual pranks, this could be one of the ways the gospel musician is employing to trend and stay relevant.

    May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor

    But wait! What could make a once-upon-a-time conservative gospel musician who abhorred makeups, fashionable clothes and stunts suddenly change to love them?

    Diana may just have seen the light! Light on, Nyame nipa.



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