Don’t enhance your body to impress a man – Femi Bediatuo to women


    The Executive Director for Fair Justice Initiative, Femi Asante Bediatuo has advised women considering enhancing their bodies to please men to give it a second thought.

    Speaking to Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat Wednesday, Mrs. Bediatuo said women should appreciate the role of their bodies in building their self confidence.

    She reiterated women should believe in themselves rather than engage in acts to please men adding that “I don’t think you can keep a man by enhancing your body.”

    “I think people underestimate how their bodies affect their self-esteem. Some are able to overlook it and it helps others to boost their self-confidence. If it’s for your own happiness that’s fine, not for a man. I know what it feels like to be judged and I don’t think it’s a comfortable feeling. So it’s very important to me that I don’t judge,” she added.

    Touching on her advocacy work at the prisons, she said the initiative is a calling noting that a portion of sales at her restaurants, Red Chili and Sandbox,  goes into Fair Justice Initiative.

    “My work with the prisons is my God-given purpose,” she added.

    “An inmate who I met told me he had a child in KNUST and it was true. So we paid for her fees throughout school and she graduated 1st class in Chemistry. She’ll also graduate in the USA next year.

    “Generally, with incarceration in this country, we’re very judgmental with people that go to prison. Different reasons take people to prison and I believe in second chances. For prison reform, I think we need to move from calling them inmates to start calling them detainees,” she suggested.

    Mrs. Bediatuo continued “I believe what I do is absolutely a calling. When I walk into the prisons I have no fear. Some people are scared but I deal with prisoners as I’ll deal with any other person.

    “I think culturally when someone goes to prison, the person is ostracized. There are efforts to give skill training and it’s not as congested as before.”