As it is said, a real King recognizes the status and position of his queen and treats her accordingly. She respects, love the authority in the relationship and as the head of the kingdom. She is at his side at all times.

He rules with her, not over her. She calms him, sooths him, helps him and advises him. She is his peace. And she in turn is treated like the queen and this has led fast rising Ghanaian singer, eShun, advised her fellow ladies not to settle for less.

“Someone Loves Me” hitmaker who turned down $100,00 sex from an investor who wanted to sleep with her before helping in a Instagram post said, “ I am Woman.
W- Wonderfully Made.
O- Original
M- Men’s world, buts its nothing without Me.
A – Abundantly Talented
N- Natural inside out.
You are a beautiful Woman, Woman.
You have your own. When you step out You Touch lives, You Conquer.
A Real King knows to Respect and Treat you right and adorn you with Kisses from your feet to the top. Don’t Settle for Less Queen.
I love you. #Megezets #Woman #Love #Yougotthis


Source: William Kabutey Dosoo | GhanaNewsPage.Com