DopeNation lied on my name – Kwesi Arthur details feud

    According to Kwesi Arthur, he prefers to stay away from the musical duo DopeNation because they have a bad vibe. He said the allegations by DopeNation that a member of his crew abused them was false.

    In an interview with EBN  which was monitored by Ghana News Page, Kwesi Arthur revealed that the relationship between himself and DopeNation is estranged. Because they lied about him on TV and subsequently tried to take food off his table. He said, “No, I am not cool with DopeNation. Because they lied on my name.”

    Kwesi Arthur insisted that he has no memory of anyone on his crew disrespect them. He also refused to be the first to call a truce because he was not the one to draw battle lines. “No one called me when they went on TV to say certain things that weren’t true.” He would also prefer to keep his distance because he hates to waddle in negative energy.

    “Someone is trying to take food off your plate. This is what I do to feed my family. Bro, do you know where I am from? Before this, I had nothing. I had zero. Lying on my name, for what? Just so you can trend. Make a diss song and talk about me.”

    According to DopeNation, a member of Kwesi Arthurs crew disrespect them. They said the person snatched their microphone during a performance.

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