Dr Beckley’s name SAVED my Brother- Major Boron


    A social media user, Major Boron has revealed how his younger brother was cured by Ace medical practitioner and occultistist, Dr Sri Yogi Ram Beckley from been stubborn at home.

    According to Major Boron, the mentioning of Dr Beckley’s name sounded like an angel in their house back then because it saved them.

    Dr. Ram Beckley was the occultist back in 2002 in New Fadama who abducted two teenage girls, one aged 13 at his residence at New Gbawe.

    The girls, said to be selling tomatoes were allegedly contacted by Dr. Beckley, who offered to buy all of their wares if they would follow him to his residence in his car.

    Dr Beckley was later discharged following the advice from the Attorney-General’s office recommending the discontinuation of the trial.

    He revealed on Twitter when another Twitter user, Kokonte Wura posted old graphics of Dr Beckley with the caption, “The 90’s and 2000’s kids have no idea of whom Dr Ram Beckley was….”

    Major Boron replied, “His name cured my younger brother from being stubborn….the mention of his name the angel in him starts out”

    Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo