E-Levy: CSJ endorses NDC’s yentua demo

    The Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ) has said it is compelled to endorse and join the upcoming protest march by the youth wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) scheduled for Thursday, February 10th 2022 to oppose the government’s proposed E-Levy which is a 1.75 per cent tax on all electronic transactions.

    The CSJ in a statement noted that this is a government that promised so much goodies in opposition but came into government to deliver too little, disappointing a vast majority of the Ghanaian people who queued under the scorching sun to vote for President Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

    After five years in government, the CJA says “it is abundantly clear that Ghanaians were hoodwinked, pranked and deceived into putting their hopes in a political party and president that actually cared less about the ordinary Ghanaian.”

    The pressure group in a statement noted that “the exacerbating levels of corruption, abuse of office, impunity and mismanagement of the resources of the state under this government has been unprecedented in the history of the Fourth Republican dispensation.”

    “This is a government that has received more national revenue and contracted loans than every other government in history and yet cannot account for what all that money has been used for. Such a government in our estimation does not need to receive any more revenues until it proves its capacity and preparedness to prudently and judiciously manage and expend what it receives,” the statement said.

    The CSJ noted that it is against the electronic transactions levy that according to them will only visit more misery and hardship on the Ghanaian people at a time that the country is supposed to be building a cashless society.

    “The ravaging ramifications of any such levy on the already precarious unemployment situation, the attendant job losses and the inability for mobile money operators to expand cannot be lost on us if allowed to be passed into law,” the CSJ’s statement stated.

    To this end, the group is calling on all progressive minded Ghanaians to join the intended demonstration to “send a loud enough call to the belligerent Nana Akufo-Addo and his Parliamentary group to prioritise the concerns and conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian rather than seeking to further pilfer and dip their hands into the public purse.”




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