E-Levy: They are deceiving Ghanaians – Nhyiaeso MP criticises experts


    Member of Parliament ( MP) for Nhyiaeso, Dr Stephen Amoah, has expressed his disappointment in the ‘so- called’ experts who share their opinions on the controversial levy on Electronic Transactions (E-Levy).

    According to him, these experts provide options but do not assure the government whether these proposed alternatives could render effective output.

    Speaking on Adom TV’s Badwam Mpensenpensenmu Show, he blamed the experts for deceiving the people as they make general statements without proposing alternatives to help the government generate revenue.

    “Some experts give options to reduce the tax percentage. Others told us to stop. Meanwhile, they haven’t assured us that we will get 1 billion dollars if we are to reduce the tax to 1 percent,” he told Adom TV.

    He said the Minority group has taken its stance as part of its plans to win the next elections.

    “We don’t give this analysis and if a professor likes NPP he says this and others who like NDC also say something different and we are not getting the real solution,” he claimed.

    “With NDC whether you understand them or not they want to come to power,” he continued.

    “But so-called experts who come in between so Ghanaians can make objective analysis either against or for they are also deceiving Ghanaians, they also give general statements,” he added.