E/R: Chief’s corpse ‘missing’, funeral in limbo

    The funeral for late 96-year-old Chief of Srah-Okanta in the Suhum Municipality, Nene Padi Kofi, is in limbo as the family were shockingly informed by mortuary men that their beloved’s corpse was missing from the Suhum Government Hospital morgue.

    The family members were at the mortuary on Friday, April 9, 2021, to supervise the process of receiving the corpse for burial.

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    However, to their dismay, the body could not be found after several search at the mortuary.

    Ghanaweb observed that posters and banners advertising the funeral of the late Chief were boldly hanging at vantage places at Srah-Okanta with the date of the funeral boldly inscribed as “Burial Service: 9th – 10th April, 2021.”

    E/R: Chief’s corpse ‘missing’, funeral in limbo

    Meanwhile, from what is happening, it seems the funeral of the late Nene Padi Kofi may not continue.

    A family member who spoke to a section of the media said they are still worried about what had befallen them.

    “We have invited people from far and near for the burial and the funeral service,” he said.

    The family member indicated that the family had since lodged a complaint at the Suhum Police command.

    Interestingly, the son of the late Chief is a staff member at the hospital as a security man.

    According to him, he always checked on the body at the mortuary until a few weeks ago when he went there, he was told they had changed the position of the body at the morgue.

    The disappearance of the body has created some misunderstanding between the family and the hospital as the family is still demanding for their corpse but the hospital seems helpless at the moment.

    Source: Ghanaweb


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