E/R: Samlesi Aplesu get borehole after classfmonline report

    Residents of Samlesi Aplesu in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region have finally got a borehole to end their decades-old struggle for potable water for domestic purposes.

    The project was paid for by Adolf Nomo with funds he got through donations from his friends, followers, Krobos in and out of Ghana, clients, TapTap Send, and TV presenter Antonieta Daps Pieters (Curacao-Caribbean).

    The funding came after CTV’s Kamal Ahmed reported that the residents have been drinking muddy water for the past 50 years.

    The news link of the story published on was forwarded to Mr Nomo, a former Ghanaian-British soldier who doubles as an educational consultant and development activist based in the United Kingdom.

    Mr. Nomo, a native of Krobo, raised funds through his Facebook page to construct the borehole for the people.

    Speaking to the Dadematse (King) of Aplesu in an interview, Nene Teye Tsu Moses said the community has not had clean water since 1981 and expressed gratitude to the donors for the boreholes.

    The queen mother of Aplesu, Many Dodge Manasseh, said she was glad that her people now have access to clean and safe water which, according to her, will end the phenomenon of long walks in search of muddy water for years.

    Mr Nomo has led the construction of a borehole at Ayimersu in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality and also repaired two broken boreholes at Samlesi Amanga in Yilo Krobo.





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