‘EC is behaving like Nebuchadnezzar’


    Embattled Presidential nominee of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Dr Edward Nasigre Mahama has described the Electoral Commission (EC) as Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible who dreamt and didn’t want to tell his dream but wanted people to conjure the dream and give interpretations.

    The Supreme Court unanimous decision ordered the EC to allow all the disqualified candidates rectify the anomalies on their nomination forms.

    Majority of the political parties have been complaining that the EC has pointed out fresh errors on their nomination forms.

    They have within 24 hours to submit their forms to the EC.

    Dr Mahama complained that the EC has refused to give four books to them (PNC) to compare notes to correct their mistakes on the forms, threatening to sue if it goes on that tangent.

    He said the EC is pushing the country into a brink for taking that posture of being unforgiven.

    Speaking on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM, he wondered why 303 fresh errors have been pointed out on his nomination forms, adding that it would be difficult to rectify the anomalies if the EC does not give them the books.

    “‘We were given four books with each region, naturally you cannot take all the books to region to region because we have limited time. So we toured Ashanti region, Brong Ahafo and now you said you have discovered mistakes, give us all four books, you are saying you won’t give us the books, we know that maybe the answers are in one of the books you are holding.

    “If they don’t give us the books we would have to be in Court, It’s not fair, the corrections are in other books and you say you won’t give to us. EC is behaving like Nedbucadnesser in the Bible, he says I have a dream, but I won’t tell you the dream, tell me the dream and the answer, that is what they are doing, only God knows why?” he fumed.

    He expressed disappointment over the entrenched position taking by the EC, asking why the EC does not want to allow Ghanaians to choose their President.

    “I am very surprised I don’t know what the EC is up to, the EC is not mandated to screen people out, it should allow people to choose their leaders, the EC thinks it’s a Judge or an emperor favouring some people. The EC Chairperson Charlotte Osei thinks that I don’t deserve to be chosen by the people to be President hence my disqualification. If an independent auditor is to audit the forms of National Democratic Congress (NDC), New Patriotic Party (NPP), Convention People’s Party (CPP), they will see the same mistakes,” he pointed out.