Efia Odo opens up on why she ditched #FixTheCountry campaign

    Actress and one of the key conveners for the #FixTheCountry, Efia Odo, has finally revealed her mother was the reason she stopped the campaign.

    The actress, born Andrea Owusu, explained her mother amidst tears called to beg over her involvement.

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    She made the disclosure in a Tweet after a follower asked her why she didn’t go for the much-anticiapted demo on August 4, 2021.

    Efia Odo added her mum also said Ghana was not worth dying for, instead, she could make a change in her own way.

    Coupled with her mother’s plea, she revealed her life was also at risk as she received numerous threats.

    The actress, on July 6, 2021, announced a break from social media and the campaign, stating her mental health was at risk.

    This was at a time the campaign had reached its peak with scores of Ghanaians ready and willing to join a planned demo.


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