Eiii!!! Nana Agradaa charging her congregation ₵300 for membership card

    Celebrity priestess Nana Agradaa, who claims she has converted to Christianity and now goes by the name Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, has been seen in a viral video telling members of her church to subscribe to her new ₵300 membership card.

    Speaking in her native language, Twi, Agradaa who established a church called Agradaa Ministries International barely 6 months after she gave her life to Jesus Christ, told the gullible congregation that they can fully be members of her church and have access to her divinity fully, they have to purchase the card.

    Back in April 2021, Agradaa had told reporters the reason for her conversion saying; ‘I will never worship my deities again.

    Don’t call me by the name Komfoɔ Agradaa again. Call me Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng.

    I’m a changed person after God rescued me a few days ago. God has called me to preach His word’.



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