Elephants don’t need to consult mosquito for blood tonic – NPP Communicator


    A member of the Communications team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), P.K Sarpong, has called on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stop creating the impression that the meeting between the President and the heads of political parties was to solicit ideas on how to govern Ghana.

    The Presidency yesterday released pictures indicating interactions between the President and the some leading members of certain some political parties at the Flagstaff House.

    The meeting, according to the government, was to discuss the way forward for the country.

    And P.K Sarpong in an epistle copied to GhanaNewsPage.Com said the NDC had been creating the impression that Nana Addo lacked ideas and hence was holding a meeting to solicit for more.

    This claim, P.K Sarpong said was unfounded as according to him, the elephant doesn’t need to seek wisdom from a mosquito to goverr.

    Read his epistle below:

    They went to ludicrous limits trying to imprint on the minds of Ghanaians that Akufo-Addo was a monster who was unfit to be president.

    They invented lies just to make his ambition a dead duck. They said he was vindictive and would bring chaos into our politics.

    Consistently, they projected him as some sort of ogre who would tear the country apart if given the chance to lead the people as president.

    Ignoring these unpalatable descriptions and insinuations as not in tune with the reality on the ground, the electorate voted massively for him.

    Many are those who have been admiring his leadership style.

    Yesterday, in his unflagging pursuit to cement the cordiality that exists between him and the other political opponents, President Akufo-Addo invited leaders of all the parties to the Presidency. The meeting, amongst other things, highlighted on some policy initiatives of the administration, and the need for all and sundry to look beyond partisan politics and support such initiatives. This was embraced by the participants.

    It is shocking, however, to see members of the NDC, trying everything humanly possible to twist the whole issue and what it stood for. In their haste to make propaganda out of it, they are sheepishly creating the impression that the Akufo-Addo administration lacks the know-how to generate ideas required to power the economy to higher heights, and that necessitated the President inviting political leaders.

    As explained already, the meeting was not to solicit policies and programmes ideal for moving Ghana forward but to let them know the direction we are heading as a government.

    The elephant doesn’t need to consult the mosquito for a blood tonic for obvious reasons. You don’t ask for a cloth from nakedness, so our NDC friends should allow reason to take the better part of their senses of judgement.