Eleven Wonders players yet to go through COVID-19 test – Albert Commey confirms

    Eleven Wonders CEO, Albert Commey has revealed the club is yet to have their covid-19 test.

    “We’ve started training at a new pitch we’ve developed. We are putting up some buildings that we’ll use to camp our players.”

    “The players have not been taken through the COVID-19 test yet. What we have been doing at the training ground is that our medical team from the Holy Family Hospital have been checking the temperature of the players with the thermometer gun.”

    “We want to work with only 25 players and we are now training to select them and we can’t spend on all of them at the moment. We’ve planned to test them hen done with the selection then we camp all of them at the new place we are putting up.”

    “This is because the test is very expensive and you can’t be doing for everyone who comes there.”

    “There’s no cause for alarm. In fact, the medical team talked to the players before they were allowed to go home. The thought them how they can manage these and be training at the same time.”

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